On a topic other than the election or the pandemic: not long ago Greenville had a city councilperson who had a vision of Greenville becoming a destination for eco-tourists. Evaluating the feasibility of that vision becoming reality is beyond me. But should Greenville’s city council make changes that would render Greenville more eco-friendly thereby making Greenville more attractive to eco-tourists, that would be a good thing.

Here is a suggestion: the City Council could pass an ordinance that would restrict the use of “drive-up” windows to designated disabled or handicapped drivers. Drive-up windows are windows in the buildings of some coffee-bars, drug stores, fast-food restaurants, banks, etc., that allow customers to conduct business without leaving, or even shutting off, their cars. These drivers sit in their car for as long as half an hour, engine running, moving ahead every few minutes. This is, clearly, environmentally irresponsible.

By passing the suggested ordinance, not only would the City Council create a more eco-friendly community thus a community more attractive to eco-tourists, but it would save the drivers gas money and reduce air-pollution; it might also increase the sense of community as it would result in more human interaction. The ordinance would result in people walking into businesses thereby significantly increasing the amount of exercise some people get, making for a more healthy citizenship.

These are few of the benefits of passing the proposed ordinance. Such an ordinance, obviously, shouldn’t be passed before the pandemic has passed (something we can foresee should we get a new president), but if the council started working on it now, they might have it ready by then. (Well, I said that I would steer clear of the election and pandemic, but that seems impossible when discussing public policy.)

P. A. Woodward


Humanitarian aid needed

While many of us are pondering how the pandemic will affect our celebrations of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I ask you to turn your attention to those of our brothers and sisters that are suffering greatly due to our government’s sanctions on foreign countries. Please give them an early gift by calling Sen. Thom Tillis at 202-224-6342 and tell him you want him to sign on to the letter that Rep. Sylvia Garcia and Sen. Elizabeth Warren have drafted in support of issuing a worldwide temporary license to allow coronavirus related humanitarian aid to flow to U.S. sanctioned countries.

Three North Carolina Advocacy Teams of the Friends Committee on National Legislation spoke with the senator’s aides recently and made a compelling case that allowing this help is the right thing to do. We should not be causing ordinary people to suffer because they happen to live under repressive regimes. There was a time in our nation’s history when we had a reputation for championing those hurt by repressive governments. We were reminded that during the George W. Bush administration in 2003 a temporary license was issued allowing relief supplies to enter Iran after a devastating earthquake.

Please call now. The deadline to sign the letter is Oct. 30.

Ann Harrington


Biden’s deck of cards

Biden’s a slick card shark.

But wannabe Joe is playing with a stacked deck. His bid for the White House rests on a house of cards. And that house will crumble under the weight of his bluffs. How do you know Biden’s bluffing? Joe moves his lips.

Biden plays the sympathy card when his ads depict a sibling caring for her sickly brother, exploitation to the nth degree attempting to scare Americans about losing health care.

Biden plays the family card when he details the tragic deaths of family members just to make a specious point about the alleged elimination of health benefits.

Biden plays the pious card when he makes an allusion to a pope, then the Bible, telling Americans not to be afraid. Not afraid of insinuating, seeping socialism?

Biden plays the senior citizen card when he says he will protect Social Security and Medicare. How are both in jeopardy?

Biden plays the leadership card when he tells the nation about how he will deal with the China virus pandemic. It’s identical to what is being implemented by the current administration: follow the science, medicine and equipment made in America, except “mandated patriotic” wearing of masks. What a clever oxymoron!

Biden plays the great protector card. He promises to protect all Americans. Isn’t that already the task of the commander in chief? What does Joe tell the victims of vandalism and violence?

Biden plays the “good old boy” card when Americans want to drain the swamp.

Biden’s otiose bloviating portrays him to be more the comic relief joker than an authentic candidate for the office of president.

Joe’s deck of foolish Tarot characters is running out.

If he is playing Texas Holdem poker, he’s drawing thin.

If he is playing Contract Bridge or Spades … Biden will get trumped.

John Cleary


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