As an ordained priest with the Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests, I am proud to present our statement condemning the violence in the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Our mission statement states, “we are respectful of differences among people.” Go to

Please join me in prayer for our nation to return to its founding principles of equal justice for all. There are those who seek to conflate the white supremacist’s insurrection with those in the Black Lives Matter movement and other peace and justice movements of being from the same cloth. This is another lie in a series of lies that has led to this flagrant disregard for the Constitution. The president aided by many in his party has fanned the flames of racial hatred throughout his time in the White House. They must be held accountable if we are to heal and move deeper into living from our core values. It is past time to lay down our nation’s legacy of hatred and fear.

I urge all citizens to become involved in our government. Our leaders respond to voters when the voters engage with them. One way I have found to engage with them is through the Advocacy Teams Movement within the Friends Committee on National Legislation. It is slow work with a great deal of frustration. Too often our legislators ignore our requests for engagement. But something beautiful happens when we make it through their doors and demonstrate that we want to be in respectful relationship with them. Democracy grows, albeit a tiny bit, but any growth is better than none. Please join me in being a citizen activist. We are better together because most of us “get it.” Love is the only power that will save us.

Ann Harrington


Don’t be Q anonymous

In last Wednesday’s assault on the Capitol, more than a few in the mob wore QAnon T-shirts or other QAnon “fan wear.” Reading about QAnon’s theories and the beliefs of many of its followers, I am appalled. Americans, of course, have the right to believe anything they wish, and the right to express those beliefs peacefully. You have the right to believe in and peacefully support the KKK, Adolf Hitler and Satanic cults. But voters have the right to know if elected officials hold those beliefs. I respectfully ask that Sens. Tillis and Burr and Republican Reps. Murphy, Foxx, Rouzer, Hudson, Bishop, McHenry, Cawthorn and Budd each state publicly whether they believe in, accept, or support the views expressed on QAnon websites and by QAnon followers. A simple “Yes I do,” or “No I don’t” will suffice — out loud and in front of a camera and microphone.

Vikki Kennedy


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