Bobby Burns’ article “The Time for Unity is Now” was spot on. Unfortunately when you have contributors like Bill Redding, Dewey Funkhouser and Robert Tyson reach out for unity with an ax instead of an olive branch it makes it pretty hard. Bill’s attack on this “white Christian nation” is absurd. Throw Ann Harrington in the mix for her dislike of our country and how it was founded as well.

The worst comments were from syndicated columnist Cynthia Tucker when she tried to equate Taliban rule with the fear that her daughter will be resented by white Americans. I would say to you all, this is the greatest nation on earth and the woke culture is doing its best to tear it down. Why are thousands of immigrants risking their lives to get into this country?

I invite all of the above — Bill, Dewey, Robert and Ann — to give me a country that offers the opportunities that we do. I get along very well with my neighbors that are white, African American and mixed race. This is 2021, not 1952. As far as leadership goes, I am hopeful that the Republicans will have many good choices for the next presidency. Other than Joe Manchin of West Virginia I see no one on the horizon nationally for the Democrats. I was certainly hoping for something better than the current administration, which is an embarrassment. I pray daily for President Biden and feel very sorry for him so far as our president.

I believe that Bill, Dewey, Robert and Ann have the right to express their opinions, even if I strongly disagree with them. If we wrote letters to the editor in China, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, North Korea or of course, Afghanistan, we would all be arrested for treason.

Bryant Kittrell


Botched badly

In reply to Don Clement’s letter of Sept. 10, “Biden didn’t botch Afgan withdrawal:” If you think leaving Americans behind, 13 soldiers killed, lies about a U.S. drone killing an Isis leader when it was a civilian, including children, isn’t botched then I would hated to see a success.

Common sense dictates that when withdrawing from the enemy, you don’t give the enemy a withdrawal date, you evacuate children and family, equipment, arms and ammunition and then troops last. And you don’t deliver names and location of those left behind who would be subject to torture by the “cooperative and trusted” professional terrorists.

By the way, not even one American soldier was killed after Trump’s deal with the Taliban. Biden killed 13 in 30 days and untold children. You said “promises made, promises kept.” Another lie, “No American left behind.”

M.C. “Bear” Baldree


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