Donald Trump visited Greenville again recently. He must like it a lot ... he certainly gets a warm reception from the rally participants.

I like North Carolina a lot, too, and used to take my vacations in your beautiful coastal towns and spend a fair amount of money in condo rentals, restaurants, clothing stores, etc.  I once wrote to your governor and said North Carolina had a kind of magical feeling to it.

I will never go to this beautiful, magical place any more, though, because it has recently become rather ugly. The latest example is the angry, hate-filled members of the audience shouting, "Send her back! Send her back!" at Trump's latest rally. I have to ask, "What is wrong with those people? What makes them so full of vitriol?" It is chilling to see, and to my mind, reminiscent of the rallies held in Germany during the 1930s.

It makes me sad for North Carolina ... and for the United States.

Debbie Rivero

Johnstown, Pennsylvania