I have a confession to make. I was at the president's rally Wednesday night, and when the chant "send them back" broke out, I joined in, with enthusiasm. And I have another confession to make. I do not feel the slightest need to apologize to anyone for doing so. Why should I apologize for expressing a personal opinion that to most people would appear to be entirely reasonable?

The four persons referred to are angry. They, without a doubt, have nothing but contempt for this country, its history, its freedoms, its traditions, its accomplishments and its successes. If they have their way, our country will be brought down to the level of a third world nation. It just makes sense, if a person just hates her country, to the point that they are angry all the time, they should leave and go to a country they admire such as Cuba or Venezuela.

As far as apologies go, I believe the president is owed many.  He has been called racist, bigot, white supremacist, traitor, nazi, dictator and a threat to democracy. Space restrictions prevent me from listing them all.  Each one is baseless and more absurd than the one before it. Each spouter of such bilge is instantly surrounded by the press sticking numerous microphones in their face. But instead of demanding an apology to the president, the press praises their "perceptiveness" and "wisdom." Any who believe that the mainstream press is an unbiased purveyor of the news is sadly delusional.

While the far left increase their standing by seeing who can be the most outlandish, the most angry, the most insulting, the most unreasonable; conservatives are expected to apologize if they tell the truth and they're told it might hurt someone's feelings. Well, I refuse to play this game.

Steven Van Cleave