In a letter titled “A Call For Colloquy” in your Nov. 6-8 opinion edition, the writer states that he is certain about his own political stance, then in the next paragraph he goes on about people getting along with different views.

Views, views, views! I am guessing where he’s coming from and what he’s about. So, let us look at the honest, true “view” and stop talking as if it is silly politics and we need to get along.

First, the true “view” is we have a Democratic Party that stands for obeying laws, is working so citizens and their children have a safer, healthy, prosperous life and working to save our planet — versus a (so-called) Republican party that is loaded with (maybe 70 some million) followers who support the Trump cult of taking children (Nazi style) from parents; an ex-president who has/is committing treason with Russia; and trying to overthrow our government with citation and-out-and-out lies.

He has/is exploiting our high percentage of stupid, gullible, spoiled, selfish citizens who are so stupid they don’t realize that they are stupid. That is treason in itself.

This Republican party has, for years, had no helpful plans; they only know how to destroy. On top of that we have a 3rd District representative who supports everything the Trump cult does. Is he going along with destroying our democracy? You figure for yourself.

It is morally wrong, un-American and un-lawful to kiss up and cave in to evil crooks and make them our friends. In the first place, getting along means being silent and condoning everything the evil, unlawful, Republican cult does. If one thinks that law-abiding citizens are going to be complicit of crimes that the writer calls “views,” well it isn’t going to happen and it should not happen.

Dewey Funkhouser


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