People use: a) the patriotism validation to inform their conscience to: 1) wear a mask (President Biden’s mandate to wear a mask to demonstrate patriotism.), 2) keep 3 feet apart from other members of the species, and 3) get their shot or shots.

Others use: b) “For the greater good” by which to decide to follow the prescriptions. Then some declare that: c) science “proves” they should implement the “trinity defense.”

However, regarding the China virus, aka COVID-19, the efficacy of wearing a mask as a prophylactic to prevent the acquisition or transmission of the disease isn’t definitive. There’s nothing definitive about social distancing to fend off the virus. Neither is there anything definitive about taking a vaccine to ward off becoming its victim.

Ironically, folks use the same arguments against the three-tier “prevention” steps. Patriotism: America’s “Constitution,” specifically the “Bill of Rights” assert our right to live our lives as we see fit, free from the tyranny of an overbearing government; “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” as enumerated in the first 10 amendments.

Greater good: To what degree am I my brother’s keeper, obliged to follow in lockstep the beat of the same drummer when I can dramatically claim my individuality, especially in today’s culture which asserts my ability to identify with whatever ethnicity, race or life-style I choose?

Science suggests: Folks remain suspect of the “science.” Too much contradiction exists about what all the evidence actually proves.

I definitively respect the right of individual, personal choice in how to handle the pandemic. Isn’t that the refrain of the women’s rights movement vis-à-vis the abortion issue? “My body, my choice.” Need I cite the obvious platitude: “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander?”

Leave me alone and I will reciprocate for you.

John Cleary


Publication of this letter is not an endorsement of the views expressed. COVID-19 vaccines and other measures are proven safe and effective and are the surest way to end the pandemic.

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