The author of the Public Forum letter entitled “The Bill for ‘Free Stuff’ Will Come Due” (Public Forum, Feb. 20) ignores certain key facts which are readily available during this hotly-contested primary election season. Most of the Democratic candidates for president, especially those Mr. Cleary is so ready to vilify, have very clearly identified where the funds to pay off college student debt and Medicare for All will come from.

I don’t know if the author is a millionaire or may be supportive of rich people getting richer at poor people’s expense, but the money will come from the Michael Bloombergs and Donald Trumps of the USA. To say that one of the most brilliant and courageous analysts of our nation’s economic ills “hasn’t read enough economics texts” is confoundingly absurd.

The categorical rejection of socialist ideas fails to reveal that the U.S. health care system, (the most expensive per capita in the world), fails to serve Americans equally and adequately. The higher infant mortality rate (if not the highest) in the developed world is only one example of that disparity in accessing health care in the U.S. If you want to see how “socialized medicine” works, check out that of Sweden or Cuba. Cuba produces so many medical professionals, (some of whom come to study there for free from working class U.S. communities), that they share them with developing countries in Africa, Central and South America.

Mr. Cleary, one can be both socialist and democratic. Capitalism has proven to be a dismal failure in fairly allocating resources to the many. As the billionaires get richer, we would be advised to look at the ballot for true champions of working people and not those who oppress and exploit us.

Don Cavellini