From what I can gather, the world is likely a better place without Iran’s brutal General Soleimani. However, President Trump’s decision to take the man out is a frightening and appalling abuse of power that sets an extremely dangerous precedent, in my view.

Mr. Trump made the unprecedented decision to assassinate a high-ranking military official of a foreign country with which we were not at war. He made the single-handed choice without consulting the Congress and without obtaining permission from the Congress to initiate an aggressive act of war.

Although our president claims he made the call based on “immanent threats” to four U.S. embassies, no evidence of such threats has been produced. In fact, Mr. Trump’s own secretary of defense, Mark Esper, claimed Sunday that he had seen no such evidence.

If Mr. Trump can, on his own whim, have General Soleimani assassinated, what is to stop him from deciding to “take out” any other foreign official he does not personally like or agree with? Think about it.

John (Jack) Robertson


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