Political, news and health pundits are fond of saying the COVID-19 virus is an equal-opportunity infector and recognizes no political affiliation. But that is just not so at all. The virus seems to have a special affinity for liberal Democrats, and the more radical, the stronger the affinity.

Let me illustrate: Make a list of the states controlled by Democratic politicians, and compare it to a list of the states with the worst infection rates. How’s that for a match? Then look at the nation’s largest cities. You can’t point to a single large urban virus hotspot that isn’t under the total control of Democrat political machines. How can this be, if the virus recognizes no politics?

The conclusion is inescapable that there is something about Democratic political control that the virus loves. Far be it from me to speculate on what that may be. Perhaps others far wiser than I am can analyze the why.

I remain just a mere observer.

Guy Miller


Ventilator scare unfounded

Ask any American surgeon the question “Has as any anesthesiologist refused to put your patient on a ventilator in the operating room?” and the answer will be the same: “Sure lots of times.”

Exactly, because every day, all over the world, anesthesiologists are putting people under general anesthesia four times a day and refusing to intubate elective surgery patients except in life saving emergencies like internal bleeding after a motor vehicle accident.

Therefore, we can say, unequivocally, that the ventilator scare was total BS and the fact remains 80-90 percent of all corona deaths were in people in their 60s, 70s, and 80s who were in their dying days to begin with, due mainly to a bad heart and other major end-of-life illnesses such as diabetes, cancer and you name it.

So, as my grade-school grandchildren and their playmates keep telling me, the closing down of their schools and all their fast food places to eat, and music in the park was plain foolish and totally unnecessary because the people who raced to the hospital for the “Trump/Cuomo ventilator miracle” were being misinformed. They were better treated isolated at home with simple tight mask, c-pap oxygen for their shortness of breath due to the coronavirus and not placed on a ventilator — which would have meant sure death with no family around and unable to talk to them even if they were there due to intubation on a ventilator.

Robert D. Piat, MD