The world, including our nation, is roiling with fear and uncertainty because of too many folks yammering too much about what too little they really know. That said, I do know our nation, since its beginning, has come back many times from the brink of ruin because of our ability to knuckle down, work hard, pitch in and buck up to defeat the seemingly insurmountable challenge.

I have seen in the past few weeks the investment community quit believing in that concept. They have cut and run from an otherwise robust economic environment. This nation has got to see that when this health crisis has run its course, and it will, that their wealth and well being has not been squandered by sunshine patriots and cowardly opportunists.

When the restrictions end and folks can get about again without dreadful fear, they need to know that there are jobs to come back to and that the economic engine that was so powerful just a few weeks ago was not just a schemers ploy. If the investments of last month were so great, why are they being pitched out so quickly now? Did the traders not really believe in what they bought for investors?

The best thing that the markets and its mechanics and managers can do for our nation, right now, is to show the folks that we are strong, that our businesses are strong, that our enterprises are strong and that we can still gain and lead to a better tomorrow in spite of the short term temporal dilemma.

Folks need to see Wall Street standing tall, that it hung with us through dire times and didn’t sell us out. When folks come out of this cave of isolation and worry, they will want to see a bright future, not a desolate ruin.

Milton Bland


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