Lauryn Pitt’s particular dominance in volleyball during the last four years perhaps outshined how she truly was a versatile athlete.

Pitt, who became a kills machine for the Jaguars around the net and was named the Eastern Plains 2A volleyball player of the year as a senior, also played significant roles on the Farmville Central basketball, soccer and track teams. In all, she amassed 210 kills in volleyball and surpassed the century mark in service points to go with 119 digs and 17 blocks.

Now, Pitt is set to move on to the college ranks at Barton, where she hopes to be able to specialize in volleyball and enjoy college life.

Here is a Q & A with Pitt, our Farmville Central girls’ athlete of the year:

Q: You played a lot of sports in your time at Farmville Central. Does any one game or any moment stand out the most?

A: Not really, just being on different teams and seeing everybody grow, and see us grow together. It’s been a really good experience.

Q: How much has changed for you from freshman year until now?

A: I think I’m more serious about it now, just because I know that’s what I want. Before, I was just like, we’re just playing for fun.

Q: What about your accomplishments in other sports?

A: I went to regionals the first time I did track, so that was really exciting and fun to go to, and we made the playoffs in soccer for the first time for our program. So that was a big moment.

Q: What sport did you have to work the hardest on to be successful?

A: It was hard for all of them. Volleyball was just that I knew it the longest. Track, good coaches make it easy, and soccer came pretty natural to me. I just had to focus on it and work hard.

Q: Is there a sport you ever tried that you immediately knew wasn’t for you?

A: Only when I knew I was not good at it, like probably tennis or trying to swing a golf club.

Q: What would be sport No. 5 if you had the time?

A: Probably softball because it’s really competitive and fun to watch. I played baseball when I was really young and then switched over to softball, and the last time I played was seventh grade.

Q: Did you have any idols growing up?

A: I don’t think I really had one.

Q: If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would it be?

A: Anywhere hot, like maybe the Bahamas or Cancun.

Q: What do you think college will be like?

A: I just think it will be a lot of devotion to myself and then making sure I’m doing everything I can to contribute to the team and make sure I have good grades.

Honorable mentions

Kenya Pittman: A five-sport athlete in her career who competed in volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer and track. She made 13 blocks in volleyball, while batting .429 in softball with 18 hits, 20 runs scored and three triples this year.

Corrine Denham: A prolific goal-scorer in soccer for the conference champions, amassing 31 in the regular season, which also put her in the top-five in the state. She scored 16 goals in two matches (nine vs. Greene Central, seven vs. Nash Central) and had 112 digs in volleyball.

Danielle Parker: A three-sport performer in volleyball, soccer and track who compiled 82 kills was a top-eight finisher in the 100 meter hurdles in the regional track meet.

Amiya Joyner: Scored 272 points, grabbed 140 rebounds and blocked 28 shots for the Jaguars’ state finalist basketball team.