Post 39's Cam Jackson, right, is called safe at second base as Post 151's Dylan Benton reaches to tag him during a game on June 27, 2019.

Dylan Benton, a former Greene Central baseball standout and Louisburg College commit, has had a busy summer as he continues to play with Farmville Post 151. The talented catcher spoke with Preps beat writer Jake Keator about his time in Snow Hill and the future of his baseball career.

Q: What is the feeling like knowing your time at Greene Central is done?

A: "It's going to be different now for sure. It'll be a new experience, and more of a drive since Louisburg is about an hour away."

Q: What did you learn most about baseball during your time in Snow Hill?

A: "One thing that really stuck with me was that I was never the star baseball player. I really had to work hard in order to break into the starting lineup, and that's what I did."

Q: What has it been like playing with Post 151 this summer?

A: "It has been pretty interesting. Most of us have played against each other a lot and now we get to work and play together as a team. It's been pretty fun."

Q: What’s one part of your game you would like to continue to improve on before you head off to college?

A: "I'd really like to work on my hitting. I have these times where I get into a slump, and then I fight my way out of it. Eventually I hit another slump and do it again. I want to work on being more consistent at the plate and not getting into those slumps."

Q: What do you want to study in school?

A: "Right now I'm undecided. I plan on earning my associates at Louisburg and making some money so that eventually I can transfer into a bigger school. Once I'm there I'll figure out what I really want to major in."

Q: What are you most excited about in terms of getting on campus and meeting your new team?

A: "I'm excited to meet them, but I'm also ready for the challenge. I know there are going to be faster baserunners that I'm going to have to throw out (as the catcher)."

Q: What advice would you give a younger athlete?

A: "I'd tell them to just always work hard. It's not going to be easy but you just have to keep your head down and work hard at whatever you're doing."

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