D.H. Conley's Maeve English makes the save on a penalty kick during a game against Chapel Hill on May 15, 2019. (Molly Urbina/The Daily Reflector)

They say defense wins championships, and that’s exactly what D.H. Conley goalkeeper Maeve English is looking to do. The talented junior made plenty of impressive stops, including  blocking a critical penalty kick, in Conley’s 1-0 win over Chapel Hill Wednesday night. Preps beat writer Jake Keator spoke with English following the game. 

Q: As a goalie, you have many more responsibilities than just stopping the ball, like arranging the defense. What is it like to have to be sure everyone is where you want them? 

A: “Sometimes in intense games, players may drift out of their position. It’s my job to just keep them in position, keep them in check and make sure we’re all doing the right thing.”

Q: After a big win like tonight’s in the playoffs, how important is it for you to know you have another game with this team?

A: “We’re just taking things game by game. We start preparing for our next opponent tomorrow. I’m just really excited to have at least one more match.” 

Q: This team has great chemistry. Does that make practices a bit more competitive? 

A: “It’s intense for sure. We mostly direct our practices toward what we know the other team will throw at us. We train with a game-by-game mindset, so each practice is specified to who we play next.” 

Q: As you progress in the playoffs, are you starting to see a championship in your mind? How hard is it to keep focused on your next opponent and not get caught looking to far ahead? 

A: “We just keep taking it game by game, survive and advance. Each game is going to have its own importance, so as long as we can keep our heads in check and can figure out what our opponent will come out with I feel like we have a good chance.”

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