Ayden Chiropractic provides relief, fills need

Ayden leaders gathered to help Ayden Chiropractic owner Jennifer Vandeveegaete celebrate the opening of her business on June 1. They are, from left, Mallory Denham, Steve Tripp, Stephen Smith, Corey Eulido, Jimmy Adams, Cindy Goff, Vandeveegaete, Raymond Langley, Emily Hines, Pam Justice, Gwen Yinznitsky and Matt Livingston.

AYDEN — A new chiropractic practice was welcomed to the community on June 1 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted by the Ayden Chamber of Commerce.

Ayden Chiropractic opened its doors at 501 W. Third St. in March, with owner Jennifer Vandeveegaete bringing 18 years of chiropractic knowledge and experience to town.

Vandeveegaete comes from a family of chiropractors. She is one of seven in her family to work in the profession. Her interest began when she was young.

“Chiropractic helped my mom out when I was a little kid. She was a school teacher. She had hip pain that bothered her for a long time and the doctors couldn’t help her with it and couldn’t find anything wrong,” Vandeveegaete said. “One of her teacher friends suggested trying family chiropractor in town. She did and got amazing results. Therefore she came home and told all us kids, ‘You should try it.’

“We all started going to the chiropractor throughout the years. Then my brother decided to be one. I thought, ‘Well, that’s kind of cool to heal people with (your) hands.’ My little sister followed me.”

This is Vandeveegaete’s second practice. She also operates Beulaville Chiropractic.

When looking for a second location, Vandeveegaete thought Ayden would be a perfect fit after falling in love with the community during a visit to Skylight Inn with her husband, Jaron Kennedy. She also saw the need for a chiropractic office, since Ayden did not have one.

“We came to look and the downtown was so cute and I saw a lot of potential here. I saw a great community and I wanted to be part of it,” Vandeveegaete said.

“We just thought, ‘Where else could use a chiropractor that doesn’t have access to one?’” she said. “There really aren’t a lot of chiropractors here like there are everywhere else. I see a good opportunity where it might be a benefit to the community to have someone local.”

As a chiropractor, Vandeveegaete helps patients experiencing musculoskeletal pain, asthma, headaches, tendonitis, back and shoulder pain and more. She also conducts physicals.

“I’m really passionate about headaches because headaches get better really quickly — usually in just one visit,” she said. “I like to spread the word about headaches because so many people suffer from them and it’s usually so easy for me to fix them.”

Services are available for all people of any age, she said.

“We have a wide range of techniques and we alter the techniques for who we are working on,” Vandeveegaete said.

As one of her first clients, Ayden Chamber of Commerce Director Jimmy Adams said he was was excited for chiropractic services to be offered in town.

“I can attest that Ayden Chiropractic works. She has done a great job on me,” Adams said. “She is fantastic. She has great bedside manner. She’s great to talk to and she has a wealth of information.”

Vandeveegaete’s services are important to the growing Ayden community, said Mayor Steve Tripp.

“We know the quality of service you will give our citizens will be beyond anything we’ve experienced,” Tripp said. “We’re looking forward to your professionalism of the treatment of your patients and your ability to provide great quality care which enhances the lives of people who come here and live and enhances what they do in their day-to-day activities.

“Quality of life is crucial,” he said. “Someone who feels uncomfortable or is having issues, life is not as enjoyable. You are going to make it enjoyable.”

Commissioners Cindy Goff and Raymond Langley were also said they were happy for the new business to join the Ayden community.

“Our town is really growing. We’re bringing a lot of new business in town,” Langley said. “With the growth that we’ve had we need to bring to have specialist like this in our town. Our population growth is going to be phenomenal in the next couple of years.”

Goff added, “We are so excited to have a new business in Ayden. We are looking forward to many more ribbon-cuttings in Ayden.

“This is just a shot in the arm for the town of Ayden to see it grow, to see it progress and see business interested in our town.”

Ayden Chiropractic is open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday and Friday by appointment only. For more information call 910-290-3150.

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