SNOW HILL — The Greene County Board of Commissioners on Monday approved a board reappointment policy following several months of discussion.

The policy, which was approved by county department heads, states that all board vacancies be advertised in the local newspaper, on the county’s website and social media pages and during a Board of Commissioners meeting at least one month before the appointment is made.

The goal is to give Greene County residents a better chance to be informed of board vacancies and increase their opportunity to apply for positions.

The policy also states that members can serve up to three full three-year terms, or nine maximum years, unless otherwise dictated by state or federal requirements.

Filling an unexpired term or a probationary term does not count toward the term limits.

The policy also allows for commissioners to have more flexibility with board appointments and states that commissioners will follow recommendations given by board chairs.

Residents wishing to remain on a board despite reaching their term limits are allowed to do so with the recommendation of the board’s chair.

The term limit portion of the policy was a topic of contention, as it was noted that boards sometimes have a hard time filling vacant positions.

Commissioners debated whether the lack of applications was from residents not knowing about the vacancies or lack of desire to serve.

Boards must also adopt a 75 percent per year attendance policy that is applicable to all appointees. This policy must be enforced through written notification to the Board of Commissioners.

When Commissioners are notified of an appointee failing to meet the 75 percent attendance requirement, that appointee will be replaced.

An annual list of upcoming expired terms for each board also is required and will be presented to the Board of Commissioners.

Applications are required to serve on the board and can be found on Greene County’s website.

In other action, the board:

  • Approved a resolution to accept of conveyance of Arba Water Corporation. With this, Greene County will absorb 75 more water customers. Customers will be charged the same rates as other Greene County customers.

Newly added customers will need to go to the Greene County water billing office at 229 Kingold Blvd., Snow Hill, to apply for service. The Arba Water Corporation has paid for all deposits and services charges.

  • Heard an update from Mike Barnett of McDavids on several ongoing projects including the 2017 Hazard Mitigation Grant program, which seeks to provide relief to homeowners following Hurricane Matthew.

Barnett informed commissioners that in order for the project to be completed, more funding was needed from FEMA.

Commissioner Susan Blizzard asked Barnett to re-examine the costs versus the money allotted from FEMA per house. She said she believed at least one of the homes requiring elevation was 100 percent funded by the grant.

Commissioners once again urged Barnett for work to begin on this project since monies will expire in August.

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