SNOW HILL — Five students at Greene County Pre-K Center were recognized by the Greene County school board on May 21 as recipients of the Greene County Student Spotlight Award.

The award, given monthly to students in Greene County Schools, recognizes notable achievements in the areas of leadership, citizenship, academics and innovation.

In the area of academics, student Diego Alonso was recognized.

“Diego has demonstrated tremendous growth socially and academically. It makes (our) heart smile when you see him because he is a true example of the benefits of early intervention and prekindergarten services,” said Greene County Pre-K director Yuvonka Davis and teacher Anne Hill. “Diego’s love of books and reading is inspiring. It is fascinating to watch him escape in the joys of reading and to watch him light up and express himself through books. His passion has rubbed off on his classmates. Diego could easily be a great librarian one day.”

Student Samaria Council was recognized for her leadership.

“Samaria is a true leader in the classroom. She enjoys helping her teacher with classroom jobs. Samaria enjoys helping others and helps her classmates by explaining what to do if they don’t understand. She is a smart little girl who has great potential to use her leadership skills to do big things in the future,” teacher Jen Pollock said.

Student Evan Walston also was recognized for his leadership.

“Evan is an all-around great student. He is a friend to everyone and loves to make everyone smile with a funny joke. Evan models good leadership by being responsible and helping others to do the right thing. He is always prepared for school and ready to succeed,” teacher Sarah Joyner said.

In the area of citizenship, student Lyric Jordan was recognized.

“Lyric has worked hard this school year, both virtually and in person. She always has a smile, kind words, or a helping hand to offer her peers and teachers. Lyric truly lives up to the Ram Code and strives daily to be a good citizen in the classroom and school,” teacher Jennie Sanderson said.

Student Kamdyn Knight was recognized for academic accomplishments.

“Kamdyn is a sweet and lovable student who goes above and beyond to do the right thing. Kamdyn is eager to learn and has demonstrated tremendous growth since the beginning of the school year. She always listens, pays attention, and is ready to participate and respond to questions during group time, small group, and one-on-one interactions. Kamdyn loves helping others in the classroom when they need help. She is an absolute pleasure and very positive,” teacher Kyatta Doomes said.

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