May 27: Walena G. Bell, Brenda DeWitt, Brian Ellis, Michael Fulford, Kelly Lewis, Bobbie Nichols, Samuel Strickland, Margaret W. Hoots, Jennifer Lancaster

May 28: Eloise Carraway, Crystal Leigh Dunn, Donna Ellis, Bobby Allen Wooten, Elijah Shackleford

May 29: Lou Moore

May 30: Ron Douglas Briddges, Johnnie Briley, Susan Cutler, Tony Dobbs, Greg May

May 31: Mike Baker, Lauren Brock, Mark Edmondson, Brad Flowers, Donnie Phelps, Allen Tyson

June 1: Paul Grimes, Abel Harmon, Angela McLamb, Tom O’Neal, Brittain Thomas, Lindsey Pazder Thomas, Amanda Whitley, Mike Worthington

June 2: Adam Ellis, Donnie Langston Jr., Jacob Parks, Mildred Strickland, Grace Page


May 27: Joyce and Jimmy Letchworth

May 28: Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jones

May 29: Heather and Jeff Fisher, Jackie and Hardy Moye, Sandra and Johnny Phillips

May 30: Mr. and Mrs. Mike Barnette

May 31: Edith and Frankie Edwards

June 1: Deena and Jay Johnson

June 2: Brenda and William Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Tugwell