Wake up! Satan is working on stealing the youth of this country. He is blinding them to the truth and using music, fashion and social media to do it.

Sadly, the adults of this country are watching this happen and doing nothing about it. It is time to fight.

I just recently saw a pair of shoes for sale called the “Satan Shoe.” In this shoe they used 66cc of red ink and one drop of human blood for the red accents. There is also a pentagram hanging from the laces and the number 666 on them. Christians, that is the mark of the beast. Wake up!

The company made 666 pairs of these shoes in cooperation with the musician who made the “Old Town Road” song. This song was extremely popular a couple years ago with children — often played over the loudspeakers at major sporting events. This same musician has a video out now, showing images of himself dancing sexually on an actor dressed like Satan.

When questioned about his recent choices, he responded with one bit of truth: I am a grown man. It is not my job to be a role model for your kids (paraphrased). Sad but true.

Coaching at the high school level has allowed me to see so much. I go into the gym and see teachers allowing students to listen to music with and use language so explicit that it would make hardened criminals, drunken sailors, as well as pimps and prostitutes blush in shock and embarrassment.

Why is this OK? Youth basketball officials called multiple technical fouls this season for the usage of vile and profane language by kids. I remember teachers disciplining students and parents disciplining them again when they returned home. Not now.

We cannot continue to close our eyes and pretend that we do not see the trouble our country is in. The youth are the future and this means we are in great trouble. Right and wrong stills exist contrary to the new world view.

Music, television, social media and fashion are numbing and disabling the brains of our kids and those who are in positions to make a difference have chosen directly or indirectly to do nothing. Wake up!

Recently, a 14-year-old girl walked up to my house and threatened to harm my wife, using terrible language to describe the beating she wanted to give her. The cops were called and were very helpful but warned that our legal system is flawed to the point that my wife would have been facing possible charges for defending herself on our private property.

Children with no “raising” are being protected by a flawed system. Where are her parents? She was walking with three other children that were screaming profanities, claiming homosexuality as their preference and declaring their hate for white people.

Our country is in trouble. We need a great awakening of sleeping believers. We need adults to lead, direct, encourage and, yes, discipline the youth of our nation.

It starts at home. It starts within the family. A warning to self-righteous people who say: “My kid doesn’t act like this.” This problem isn’t just displaying itself in low-income minority families. Some of the kids I heard and saw displaying this behavior are from prominent, upper-income, big-house living, fancy-car driving, church-attending families. Wake up!

Get in your children’s business — it may save their life. I will close with this scripture: “The thief (Satan) comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I (Jesus Christ) have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly…” John 10:10. Are you making sure that your children are being exposed to Jesus Christ? Because they are for sure being exposed to Satan. Wake up!

Wes Thomas is a member of Spring of Living Water Church in Farmville.