For years there has been a metal sign bolted to the rear entrance of Farmville’s Community Center welcoming people to the “Pitt County Council on Aging Senior Center.” The problem is that town officials now say our elderly friends should enter through the front door.

If the seniors did, they would have to use the entrance without a sign and walk two-thirds of the way through the building to a closed set of double doors. Then they would have to open one of those doors, many while using walkers, and go into the room that houses their crafts and activities.

In a town that has demonstrated a willingness to spend a lot of money to create indoor and outdoor spaces for those who have asked, wouldn’t it be good to spend relatively little money to show concern for those who generally are too modest to ask?

Our town motto says we honor our past. Why not allow the seniors more conveniently to use the entrance one-third of the way to their destination — the one they currently use? Why not extend the sidewalk to the rear entrance of this town building and have a curb cut-out for walkers and wheelchairs? Also, why not replace broken and uneven floor tiles in the kitchen and hallway where our elderly folks and Meals on Wheels volunteers walk?

How we care for the least among us is quite telling.

Celia Stone


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