Yes, the Glasgow climate summit is over. Media pundits are busy with post-game analysis: who won, who lost, what are next year’s prospects. But if you are a Christian, or a person of any faith who believes that God created the earth and its intricate, amazing system of nature, set aside the post-conference critique and consider this.

Truly, the world God created is an intricate beautiful garden overflowing with grandeur and goodness. Yet we look around and see waste, trash, pollution. We hear about melting glaciers and disappearing rain forests. Politicians may argue over the causes. But clearly, God’s world needs tending to.

Imagine that tomorrow you came into your home church and saw trash scattered in the aisle, stained glass smeared with grease, an altar turned over. Would you say, “Well I didn’t do it” and walk away? Would you leave the mess for others to look at and walk through on Sunday morning? Or would you do your part to clean it up, regardless of how or by whom it was made? Would you sacrifice your time and effort to do what serves God’s holy place?

Don’t let the politicians’ words bother you. You don’t have to call it environmentalism, or being green, or being a liberal. Call it serving God. Because that’s what it is. We cannot love the Lord with all our heart, mind, and soul if we do not take better care of his creation. And we cannot claim to love our neighbor if we let his home become a wasteland.

This is the good news we are called to share. Taking care of God’s created world is not a burden but a joy — a gift of love and gratitude that each of us can offer.

Vicki Kennedy


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