There are many reasons I’m not the Miami Dolphins General Manager. Aside from being grossly under qualified and far too emotionally involved as lifelong fan, there’s also the fact that I’d likely be pretty bad at it.

Allow me to give you a few examples where I recognize that, while I like to pretend that I know better than the folks running my favorite team, I clearly don’t.

To begin with, there is zero chance I trade away my franchise left tackle a mere three years after spending a first round draft pick on him. That’s exactly what the Dolphins did in 2019 when they sent Laremy Tunsil to the Houston Texans.

I was convinced they were tanking the season for a chance to draft Tua Tagovailoa and, while I knew they needed a quarterback, I felt giving away your left tackle was too high a price to pay for the opportunity to lose. In retrospect, it’s possibly the best move the Miami Dolphins front office has made in decades.

Tunsil supposedly agreed then that the two first round and one second round draft picks the franchise was getting in return for his services was a trade he would have made himself. While I admittedly didn’t agree at the time, the fact that Miami GM Chris Grier parlayed that trade into four first round picks, a second and a third round pick as well has everyone who follows the league tipping their cap to the man.

Given the success of the trade two years ago with the Texans, I would have been more than eager to make another trade with them this offseason too.

Just a few weeks ago I was clamoring for the Dolphins to send the aforementioned Tua and one or two of those draft picks to Houston for their three-time pro bowl quarterback. Turns out that would have been a really bad idea.

Now I’m all about giving someone the benefit of the doubt, and I believe that people should be considered innocent until proven guilty, I also believe though that where there is smoke, there is usually fire and in the case of Deshaun Watson and the sexual misconduct allegations being levied against him, there is so much smoke.

Do I think the timing of this and a few of the people involved seem shady? I certainly do and if you have heard some of the details surrounding this then you likely do too. Still, this isn’t a case of he said - she said.

To paraphrase Dan LeBatard, this is a situation involving he said - she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said.

Right now the case is a civil one and the NFL is limited in what it can do aside from its own independent investigation. Still, I don’t see how any team can risk a trade for Watson and he has tried so hard to his force his way out of Houston, a return to the Texans would be uber awkward at best.

These are just two examples of why as Dolphins fan, I take comfort in knowing that my team has enough sense to ignore my advice regarding personnel decisions.

David Friedman is a long time sports writer and lifelong believer that BLM. David can be reached via e-mail at

Thadd White is Editor of the Bertie Ledger-Advance and can be reached via email at