The NFL Draft just happened, their league MVP is reportedly looking to get out of Green Bay, the Carolina Hurricanes are the best team in the NHL, Russell Westbrook is still setting crazy NBA records and Dana White got shown up by a social media influencer.

Obviously, I’m here to talk about some fans that went to a Arizona Diamondbacks game.

The following is what the Internet is for.

A guy named Connor Buckley is wondering the other day how his roommate’s date is going. It’s their second date and Connor’s roommate took the young lady to a Diamondbacks game.

He knows his buddy had great seats – about six rows behind home plate – but he can’t see them on TV while watching the game. Connor is a concerned roommate, so he takes to Twitter and asks the Arizona Diamondbacks to have the cameras check in on his roommate. The team responds by tagging their broadcast partner who was controlling the cameras and asking Connor what his roommate and date were wearing. The team admits at this point that they are curious and want to know for themselves how the date is going.

Mind you, all of this is being done on Twitter, so the public is curious too. Curiosity turns to investment when the team announces they have found the couple.

In epic fashion, the Diamondbacks reported to Connor Buckley and a fast growing fan group that the couple’s “Body language looks good – they seem comfortable. They just laughed too. Stay tuned for more...”.

The couple got up and folks became worried that the entertainment was coming to an end. Never mind the baseball game being played in front of all this.

Much to the delight of everyone, they returned and the Internet cheered.

The couple’s date is now viral and word must have traveled to the gentleman because he reached out to his roommate Bucky via text and called him by the same name my best friend calls me. It’s not fit for publication, but know it’s a term of endearment to nobody at all but your best friend.

Let’s call it a well-graded trench.

At this point they are a celebrity couple, they are on the Jumbotron and the team has sent someone down to check on them and find out what the fans want to know.

How is the date going and will there be another?

You’ll be happy to know there will be reportedly be another date. I expect though that next time, they will take measures to ensure a few million Twitter followers don’t crash the occasion.

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