Farmville Central catcher Lee Parker recently signed to play college baseball at Brevard.

Prep sports writer Jim Green discussed the decision with Parker in this week’s Prep Spotlight.

Q: Where do they have you projected to play in college?

A: Catcher.

Q: What positions have you played while at FCHS?

A: Catcher and left field.

Q: Tell me about the decision. Who else was interested in you?

A: I was offered by North Carolina Wesleyan, Methodist University and Brevard. My decision was based on the college and not so much the baseball program.

Q: What factors led you to choose Brevard over the others?

A: I chose Brevard because it is a town that felt like home. I am a very avid outdoorsman, and I like to hunt and fish in my free time. Brevard is a very secluded town that I would be able to hunt and fish. Also, Brevard is somewhere I could see myself calling home, which was the biggest factor in my decision.

Q: What do you want to major in academically?

A: I will be majoring in Business and Organizational Leadership.

Q: Tell me about your sport. At what age did you start playing? Tell me about your progression.

A: I started playing baseball when I was 3 years old. When I was younger, I was an average player with big hopes and dreams. Starting in middle school, I began to put in extra work to try and make those dreams a reality. Looking back now, I am glad I made that decision when I did, and I do not regret it at all.

Q: If you played travel ball, who have you played for and how has that helped you in high school baseball?

A: I played with Eastern Diamondbacks after my freshman year in high school and Gametime Prospects the past two years. Playing with these programs gave me a chance to see the game at a faster pace and more competitive level so when high school season came around, I was better prepared.

Q: What have been your favorite memories, both individually and as a team?

A: One of my favorite team memories was watching the program grow from my freshman to senior year. The program was not winning a lot of games but transitioned into one that had a winning season. Another great team memory would have to be practicing with the guys each day. My favorite individual memory would be finally seeing my dream of playing collegiate ball come true when I started receiving offers.

Q: Who would you like to thank for your journey to college baseball?

A: First off, I would like to thank my parents, Bobby and Tara Parker, for always pushing me to be my best and being there for all my games no matter what. I would also like to thank Jeff Galaska, Norm Brooks, Kim Sayers, Raymie Styons, James Ward, Barry Rhode, Eddie Rhodes, Jon Smith, Spiers Miller, Carlos Varela, Wayne Turnage, Rusty Dail, Daniel Jones and Eddie Loesner, who helped coach and guide me in the right direction the past few years.

Q: Did you ever think you could play in college?

A: Yes. From a very young age, I knew I had the ability to play in college as long as I worked for it.

Q: What led you to believe that?

A: One of my first Greenville Little League coaches, Raymie Styons, told me I had the ability to play if I had the will and desire to work for it.

Q: If you were giving advice to younger kids who aspire to be a college athlete, what would you tell them?

A: It would be this: Anything that you want is within reach. It is your work ethic and willpower that will decide if you are able to accomplish those goals. However, academics, attitude and skill level are equally important. As my father always told me, you never want to look back and say you wish you would have done the little bit extra because it could have made a major difference.

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