The March 22 Daily Reflector article regarding ECU Board of Trustees member Max Joyner Jr. purchasing “property because he knew negotiations were underway to develop nearby property owned by the university” is only the latest revelation of wrongdoing in high places.

This is “business as usual” in Pitt County and elsewhere in the USA. The rich and the powerful use their money, status and influence to further enrich themselves. How much more evidence do we need before we not only question the legitimacy of the entire profit-making, greed-encouraging system of capitalism, but also work actively to change it? The economic system which is often heralded as “free market” and “rewarding of hard work and willingness to take risk” is neither “free” nor equitable.

Sens. Richard Burr, Kelly Loeffler, Diane Feinstein and James Inhofe all “dumped selective stocks” based upon COVID-19 information they were privy to due to their positions on the Senate Intelligence Committee. This “insider trading” occurred before we, their constituents, knew the extent of possible economic impact. But Sen. Burr shared the dire warning with The Tarheel Circle, a select few of his wealthiest friends, as he and President Trump almost simultaneously lied to the general public.

Greed knows no political party. It is shameless and, unfortunately, unchecked. It’s time to wake up, Pitt County! We can unseat these traitors of our trust; but we must expose and oppose the developers who control them and put peoples’ priorities first.

Don Cavellini


A true Pirate faithful

I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes at East Carolina University and don’t really care to. What I do know is that Max Joyner Jr., individually and through various partnerships, has been acquiring property in Greenville within the boundaries of Charles Boulevard, 14th Street, Washington Street and 10th Street for decades, and that his love for and devotion to ECU is absolute and uncompromising, something that our great university could use a lot more of right now!

JH Ward


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